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Have you been told you need long workouts, expensive supplements, and all those celebrity workouts?

Well… If you tried any of the above you know that they don’t really work for everyone…

So… Would you rather spend two hours going to the gym or…

Save time and get REAL Fitness Results without leaving home?

Give us 30 minutes and we will give you a body you will LOVE!


The Reasons iScienceFit Works:

A Real Personal Trainer Holds YOU Accountable

A real trainer will be counting your reps, correcting your technique, motivating you, and giving you diet advice.

Smart, Fast, And Effective Workouts

You don’t need 2 hours of your busy schedule to get a good workout. You need the right exercises and the right tempo.

Customized For Your Body And Goals

We will create a custom workout for you based on your body and your requirements. If you have a problem area we will do extra work to improve it.

Some of the people who changed their bodies and lives with iScienceFit:

Alice Hengst

“It just is the perfect fit for my lifestyle! It’s like a real person in my house…I have seen so much more tone in my body.”

Will Miller

“My trainer keeps me straight. He doesn’t let me cheat…Now I can tie my shoes again without running out of breath.”

John Stewart

“I lost 15 pounds and 5 inches off my waist with the iScienceFit System. I really enjoy my workouts!”

Bill Harless

“I lost 22 pounds and almost 7 inches off my waist. It’s been a lifesaver for me. It really has!”