5 Unexpected Ways The Gym Costs You Time


All of us know that we need to be working out, but so very few of us do. Why is that?

One of the biggest reasons is time. Let’s face it, you are busy…we all are.

And the last thing you want to do is slog off to the gym when your child is crying or your spouse needs your help with a random household activity…

In fact, heading out during those situations can cause problems within the family and add stress to your life. It’s a tough predicament for a lot of folks.

So in today’s article I’m going to break down 5 ways that going to the gym for a 30 minute workout can cost you truckloads of time.

In fact, I’m willing to bet you’ve never wrapped your head around how much time is being wasted simply by heading to the gym for a short workout.

So without further ado, here are the 5 reasons the gym is robbing you of time:

  1. You have to get ready for the Gym – When you decide to go to the gym one of the first things you have to do is make sure you look presentable. Granted this varies from person to person, but most people take anywhere from 20-30 minutes to do hair, gym clothes, and lace up the old sneaks.
  2. You have to drive to the Gym – Driving to the gym also varies from person to person, but if you work 9-5 you’ll most likely be heading to the gym between 5:30pm and 7:30pm – which is rush hour. After dealing with lights and traffic (and that annoying guy that just won’t go when the light turns green) we’ll give this trip 20-30 minutes as well.
  3. Waiting for machines at the Gym – When you finally arrive at the gym, get through the locker room and back out to the cardio equipment – there is almost always someone on the treadmill. So your warmup gets delayed by 5 minutes. Then someone is on the leg press machine, the ab machine, the thigh machine…it never ends. Workouts in the 5:30pm to 7:30pm range tend to get delayed heavily because the gym is packed, and that 30 minute workout turns to an hour in a hurry. We’ll tack on another on 20-30 minutes here as well.
  4. You have to drive home from the Gym – After the workout (and possibly another stop in the locker room) you have to drive back home. So it’s back into the traffic and grind for another 20-30 minutes (usually with 2-3 missed texts from your spouse). “I’ll be there soon,” you reply, “there is a car with a flat tire by the road that everyone is rubber necking, but I’ll be there soon.”
  5. Undressing and Re-Acclimating – This isn’t talked about much, but when you arrive home you have to head straight up to undress and get the family energy back to normal. All the while the problems that built up while you were away are redlining just outside the door. Yells, questions, and stressful “can I’s…” start to build and you actually feel more stressed than before you worked out! Not the way it’s supposed to be…

So there you have it, 5 ways heading to the Gym actually costs you time (and headaches). But what can you do about it?

You can workout at home. If you decide to train at home all of these problems will be eliminated! Let’s take a look:

  • No getting ready for the Gym: Time saved 20-30 minutes
  • No trip to the Gym: Time saved 20-30 minutes
  • No waiting for machines at the Gym: Time saved 20-30 minutes
  • No drive home from the Gym: Time saved 20-30 minutes
  • No Re-Acclimating and Undressing: Time saved 10-15 minutes

Now let’s do some math and see just how much time (and stress) you saved by working out at home. We’ll go conservative and use the lowest numbers (20 minutes and 10 minutes respectively).

20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 10 = 90 minutes.

An hour and a half. It’s astounding that you can have an hour and half more time with your family every single day if you decide to workout at home.

That’s 4.5 extra hours a week you’ll have to spend with your family (if you workout 3 times a week). Whoa.

I recommend you seriously consider home workouts if your trips to the gym are causing stress in the family. The time saved could help everyone be happier and healthier – and really improve your entire family dynamic.

Who knows, the kids might get involved as well!
Yours in Health,

Jay Scott

Founder, iScienceFit Online Personal Training