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With iScienceFit you work out with a Real Personal Trainer from the comfort of your own home

How iScienceFit works?

Using iScienceFit you connect in real time with a qualified Personal Trainer, no matter your location.

All you need is a little space at your home, an internet connection and a web camera. You can use your computer, your phone or your tablet.

We started iScienceFit because we wanted a simple way to workout. We wanted something different. 

We wanted a workout that doesn't waste people's time and gets real results. This is exactly what iScienceFit does. 

Try a FREE Session to see why iScienceFit is different:

A Real Personal Trainer Holds YOU Accountable - A real person will be counting your reps, correcting your technique, motivating you and giving you diet advice.

Fast And Effective Workouts - You don't need 2 hours from your busy schedule to get a good workout. You need the right exercises and the right tempo.

Customized For Your Body And Goals - We will create for you a custom workout based on your body and your requirements. If you have a problem area we will do extra work to improve it.

Some of our satisfied clients:

Alice Hengst

"It just is the perfect fit for my lifestyle! It's like a real person in my house."

Will Miller

"My trainer keeps me straight... He doesn't let me cheat... Now I can tie my shoes again without running out of breath"

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"Losing weight and getting fit is not about how much suffering you can endure. It’s about knowing what actions give fantastic fitness results, then consistently performing those actions."

Jay Scott, iScienceFit CEO