The Top 3 Fitness Skills To Master


Let’s face it, being a good learner hasn’t been on most of our minds since high school (and honestly I don’t think it was on my mind then). That’s unfortunate too, because learning is probably the most valuable ability we can have as an adult.

Why is learning the most important ability? Why not writing, or drawing, or conversational skills? Because if you are a good learner you can improve and increase your skill in everything. There are no limits.

I’m sure many of you remember the movie The Matrix. In this movie the lead character, Neo, is in the process of finding out that the world is malleable, that reality is can be manipulated.

In one amazing scene the martial art of Kung Fu is downloaded to his brain in just a few seconds. Truly, it would be fantastic if we could learn that fast…

But what most people fail to realize is that we can learn skills quickly. Not that quickly, but fast enough.

In just a few short months you could be a decent Ping Pong player, able to play a song on a guitar, or – as we drill into the message of this blog – you could know how to eat and train to keep your body in top shape.

The brain is a spectacularly powerful tool that we have influence over. We can choose what skills we want to acquire and actually go and get them!

And through learning those skills we can completely and utterly change our lives.

So what skills should you be learning to change your fitness life? I’ll give you a few to get you started:

  • Label Reading – Being able to tell how many calories are in a specific item is so important on  your track to fitness. So many people look at a label and get overwhelmed. When you first begin simply look at the calorie count and ignore all the other numbers. Pick lower calorie options and you’ll start to see results!
  • Cooking – Cooking is probably the most seldom talked about and underrated skill in fitness. If you can cook tasty, low calorie foods you’ll be so far ahead of the fitness game it’s ridiculous. Start by learning just a few simple recipes and work from there.
  • Anatomy 101 – Being able to work all of your basic muscle groups is imperative for a fit body. The workout program I provide on the home page of this site (just enter your name and email) is a great example of this. There are 4 major movements that need to be mastered to have a balanced, strong body. Get control of those and you’ll have control of your fitness.

So now you know the importance of learning in your fitness (and overall) life. I hope this weeks blog post inspires you to get out there and learn a few new skills.

After all, without learning new things life tends to stagnate, and, dare I say, get a bit boring. We are geared for learning and improvement – it makes life so much more enjoyable.

So let’s get out there and get learning!

Yours in Health,

Jay Scott

Founder, iScienceFit Online Personal Training