Warning: 3 Mistakes That Will Keep You From Getting Slimmer


3 mistakes most women make when trying to slim down:

Endless Cardio Isn’t Needed To Get Slim.

  1. Doing endless Cardio sessions. This can cause us to spend a ton of time working out (which isn’t maintainable)and often leads to increased appetite (not what we want). Instead, try short workouts that incorporate both cardio and resistance training.
  2. Not eating enough healthy food. This one sounds crazy, but most women start dieting with too little food. This leads to eating too much later on in the diet (when we just can’t take it anymore), so make sure you don’t reduce your food intake too much. Oh yeah, and keep that food healthy!
  3. Doing too many Crunches. Doing a ton of abdominal work is a huge waste of time if you are looking to slim down. Instead just do a couple of sets of ab work a few times a week and focus on eating a healthy diet.

    A Flat Tummy Is Made In The Kitchen.

    A Flat Tummy Is Made In The Kitchen.

“Too little food and too much exercise is one of the first things we address with most women during our free session,” says iScienceFit Online Personal Training Founder Jay Scott. “Work smarter, not harder is uniquely true when it comes to fitness!”

“The idea of keeping fitness simple, short, and fun is something I truly believe in,” says Jay. “iScienceFit is about getting clients amazing results without disrupting their career paths, family circle, or social life.”

Jay worked with hundreds of clients at home before starting iScienceFit – and had amazing results with his clients. He found that equipment and crazy diets simply didn’t work for busy women. Basically, he uncovered the truth: when it comes to fitness, less is more.

Too little food (leading to super uncomfortable hunger), extra long Cardio sessions (leading to hours spent away from the family), and endless Crunches were wasting people’s time and energy and destroying their social life. Jay knew this and kept his clients’ workouts to just 30 minutes.

What happened? Mind blowing results for his clients – all while working out in their own home – with zero exercise equipment. “I don’t think people realize what you can do with a mixture of calisthenics, pilates, yoga, and other body weight exercises. It’s truly amazing.” says Jay. “Well, unless you want to be a bodybuilder!” he jokes, “then you might need the gym.”

This Doesn't Work For Women...

This Doesn’t Work For Women…

After running the most successful In Home Personal Training business in Lexington KY for 3 years Jay decided to start training people online. “It was the same principles,” Jay says, “just a different medium. Now we workout on webcam instead in the clients home. If anything it’s even more convenient, and it still works like gangbusters,” he says.

“This whole business is about giving people the truth about fitness, and helping them every step of the way – from the free session to each individual session. It’s really all about helping people end the fitness confusion and gain back control of their life.”

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